Hot Links: Pete Rose, Harvard & SpongeBob SquarePants


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Rally notwithstanding, insider buying down big, insider selling triples.  (PragCap)

What on earth is going on at  (ZeroHedge)

Harvard sold at the bottom.  (Forbes)

Matt Taibbi’s Yankees prediction doesn’t quite pan out.  (Clusterstock)

Europe to be powered by the Saharan sun.  (NewScientist)

Justifying hedgie insider trading is like defending Pete Rose betting against his team.  (InvestingCaffiene)

Some killer stats about bloggers.  (Technorati) – hat tip Fred Wilson

Even Buffett had trouble with the compensation issue in the Salomon Bros days.  (Bloomberg)

10 things you didn’t know about SpongeBob SquarePants.  (Neatorama)