Hot Links: Godspeed Patrick Swayze


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

A roundup of various currency ETFs and how they’ve done as the dollar dropped (and dropped).  (Bespoke)

Sorkin: Obama‘s big reform speech fell on deaf ears on Wall Street yesterday.  (DealBook)

Fast-Forwarding Gordon Gekko.  (NYT)

They fired the Wells Fargo foreclosed mansion squatter.  I kinda liked the gal.  (Dealbreaker)

A rational explanation for the whole Labor Day week natural gas rally.  (ZeroHedge)

Taxpayer stake in Citi may be up for sale.  Calling all Saudi Sheiks.  (Bloomberg)

Dan Brown‘s (Da Vinci Code) new book comes out today, here’s Mitch Horowitz on the real impact of Freemasons in America.  (BoingBoing)

If you don’t hate UBS yet, wait til you hear this!  (Reuters)

Patrick Swayze: the image of dignity, decency and defiance.  (LAT)