Hot Links: Where The Wild Things Are

hot-linksHot Links for Weekend Reading…

Johnny Debacle congratulates Bernanke on his 2nd term appointment.  (LongOrShortCap)

The top broker/dealers of 2009 are announced.  (InvestmentAdvisor)

Tyler has an idea:  How about the SEC investigates why a bankrupt company (AIG) has become a proxy for the stock market.  (ZeroHedge)

Like inspirational quotes?  I do.  Here’s a great list of ’em.  (USAToday)

Denninger would like to see the end of the Fed’s lying.  (Market-Ticker)

About the upcoming CareFusion IPO.  (Morningstar)

American farmers’ profits way down this year.  (Clusterstock)

Karen O‘s single for the soundtrack of the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are film.  (DailyBeast)