Hot Links: Buffett & The Bikers

sausageStuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Whistleblower Harry Markopolos says Credit Default Swap fraud will top the Madoff ponzi.  (Clusterstock)

Warren Buffett‘s latest op-ed just went up, it’s called The Greenback Effect.  (NYT)

Don’t look up, private equity firms are about to drop some REIT IPO’s on us.  Sold to you.  (DealBook)

Chinese pig farmers speculating in metals.  Fantastic.  (ZeroHedge)

Pimco still out talking down the dollar.  They’d like to see Pimcobucks as the new reserve currency for the world.  (Bloomberg)

Check this out:  The future of interacting with maps in the real world…cool.  (FlowingData)

Options traders are betting big against China and real estate.  (PragCap)

Top ten most notorious biker gangs.  (Listverse)