Hot Links: CNBC, Fox Biz & Larry Summers


Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

Bronte Capital takes on these phony baloney explanations of how Goldman Sachs could have made $22 billion in High Frequency trading.  (Bronte)

Speaking of Goldman, how has Warren Buffett fared with his stake?  (Hint: he kicked ass so far).  (DealBook)

I thought this faux-CNBC homepage artwork was hysterical. (TBP)

Even CNBC had to say something about it.  (CNBC)

The terrorists are after Sacha Baron Cohen because of Bruno.  (NYP)

Forbes tells us why we should love Bernanke and beg him to stay.  (Forbes)

It’s officially Open Season on Larry Summers and his massive losses with the Harvard Endowment, Felix Salmon weighs in.  (Reuters)

Were the last round crummy earnings reports actually good news?  (LA Times)

New rules on mortgage lending from the Fed, our new overlord.  (ProPublica)

The lovely ladies of Fox Biz Channel, Liz Claman and Cheryl Casone, are training for the NYC Triathlon.  Here’s a video:  (FoxBiz)