More Hot Links: Cronkite, Bruno & the Weinermobile


More Hot Links for Weekend Reading…

Business ethics issues surround the hit film Bruno.  People need to lighten up.  (Forbes)

CBS News lionizes it’s own:  Walter Cronkite‘s career and legacy .  (CBS News)

Barry Ritholtz takes a look at the rapidly collapsing income taxes being collected by state governments; muni bond investors take note.  (TBP)

Paul Kedrosky‘s Word Du Jour is Dietrolgia.  (Infectious Greed)

The trashing of the Dollar resumes.  (Bloomberg)

If the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile crashes into your house, you probably had it coming.  (NY Post)

Here’s a peak at what’s happening in the world of Venture Capital, with some great charts.  (TechFlash)

Most absurd line of the week in a business article:

“Goldman is giving America more millionaires, and more millionaires are exactly what revenue-hungry government needs.”

Only the LA Times could publish something so braindead and backwards.  (LA Times)