Breakfast Links: CIT, Jimmy Carter & The Grapes of Wrath

Eugene Levy in Recreation opf Grapes of Wrath Pics (VF)

Eugene Levy in Recreation of Grapes of Wrath Pics (VF)

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The exact date that the Chinese stock market will collapse.  (MoneyScience)

Stick a fork in CIT Group, 1908-2009.  (Bloomberg)

They caught the runaway Credit Sueeeeesse broker, and no, he wasn’t at Le Cirque.  (NYT)

Virginia is for Usury.  (LOLFed)

JPMorgan smokes their numbers, 28 cents vs 4 cents expected…get ’em Jamie!  (

AIG is selling off assets on the sly…you crafty, crafty umm…insurance executives.  (ProPublica)

Remembering how much Jimmy Carter sucked.  (The New Republic)

To survive the new economy, think more with your right brain.  (USA Today)

A gallery of famous people who dropped out of high school.  (CityFile)

The CEO of Janus departs after an atrocious tenure with $7 million…how much are your failures worth?  (

Tyler Durden exposes the mockery of asset diversification in our highly-correlated world.  (ZeroHedge)

The cast of Taking Woodstock poses for an updated Grapes of Wrath dust bowl photo shoot.  (Vanity Fair)