Breakfast Links: Reason #267 that Soccer Rules

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Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The wonks think that Ben Bernanke‘s job will be safe when his term expires in January.  (MarketWatch)

Simon Johnson wonders who OUR Upton Sinclair will be…where’s a good muckraker when you need one?  (Baseline Scenario)

Business people and investors bug out as China locks up four Rio Tinto executives for “spying”.  (NYT)

BusinessWeek magazine put up for sale…my bid is $422.  (Bloomberg)

Washington Post fires a political columnist for declining web traffic.  Let the sensationalism for attention begin!  (NYT)

Tony Bennett remembers his best friend Frank Sinatra.  (Vanity Fair)

Ritholtz on the CIT sitch and whether or not we’re talking systemic risk (TBP)

Calling BS on the China Growth Story.  (

Need shoes?  Today is the final day of the massive Cole Haan sale.  (Cole Haan)