Breakfast Links: Hot Dogs, Chinese Cars & Cali Wine


What I’m Reading this Morning…

Barry Ritholtz gives us the weekly rundown on gold.   (TBP)

Freakonomics shows us the website that let’s you Track Your Taxes, hope you like war…   (Freakonomics)

The closing of a Nathan’s hot dog franchise after 40 years serving Georgetown, sucks.  (

Supply and Demand seems to be alive and well in the California wine business, according to Felix Salmon (Reuters)

CIT probably a f%cked company at this point (FT)

Amazon‘s Kindle gets cheaper (NYT)

Cash4Gold makes an offer to buy the US Gold Reserve for $240 billion, hopefully this will put an end to the commercials (BigNewsBiz)

China Car Sales are tremendous, up 48% in June (Bloomberg)