Wall Street

A Guide To Recieving Your Share of Wall Street's Bonuspalooza

According to the Wall Street Journal, banking bonuses will hit $145 billion for 2009, a well-justified figure when you consider the heroic sacrifices Wall Street made in order to get interest rates dropped to zero forever.

Rather than complain about this windfall to our nation’s best and brightest and most scrupulous, why not focus on how YOU can get in on the action?

Eight Trading Superstitions

Every profession has its own idiosyncratic superstitions. In honor of tomorrow being Friday the 13th, I thought this would be a good time to discuss this topic.

7 Terms That Should Never Be Used To Describe A Finance Pro

A successful career on Wall Street is as much about the failures as it is about the wins.  Anyone who tells you differently is either hiding their past mistakes or is about to experience their own epic collapse, made even worse by the fact that it will be wholly unexpected to them. This is good…

The Periodic Table of Finance Bloggers

Click Image to Embiggen! I’ve been asked several times to update my finance blogger list, so I figured on the week of The Reformed Broker’s first anniversary, I’d oblige. Everyone listed on The Periodic Table of Finance Bloggers has either inspired, educated or entertained me in some way, so I figured I’d return the favor. …

Top Ten Scariest Wall Street Halloween Costumes

Its that time of year again… As we speak, your neighborhood freak is busy shoving rusty screws into the Milky Way bars, teen boys are stocking up on eggs and toilet paper and teen girls are shopping for either a slutty nurse, slutty devil, slutty maid, or slutty marketing executive costume. That’s right!  Halloween is…

I Have a Dream…About Financial Media

Much has been made recently about the distinction between financial bloggers and mainstream media journalists and whether or not there should even be one.  I hope that one day, we are all judged by the quality of our insight and integrity, rather than by our majors in college. With the deepest respect for the words…