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Burning the Food Supply

Of all the stupid things we do, one of the most dangerous is this ethanol nonsense, in which we gleefully burn up our food supplies. For very little in the way of environmental impact I might add.

Cream of Corn

Farmer Brown here again.  October is off to a brutal start for the farm commodities.  Yesterday all of the agriculture contracts sold off hard after a blistering September rally – on average the soft commodities were down 2.8% on the session. But nothing compares to Friday’s drop in corn prices.  The December 2011 Corn contract…

Citi Cuts Agriculture Chem Names

Farmer Brown here… Just a quick follow-up to my Monsanto piece from last week. We discussed the fact that analysts are getting antsy about seeing through the valley on the farm stocks.  Today, Citigroup spit the bit on two big agriculture names.  Mosaic (MOS) and Potash (POT) were both cut to hold from buy at Citi following…