90% effective

The company said that the analysis found that the vaccine was more than 90 percent effective in preventing the disease among trial volunteers

Less tweets, more checks

When you deposit $1200 into the checking account of a person who is struggling to pay their bills and feed their family, a very interesting thing happens

Whatever comes after Trump and Biden will be worse

What has developed is more like a K. On the upper arm of the K are well-educated and well-off people, businesses tied to the digital economy or supplying domestic necessities, and regions such as tech-forward Western cities. By and large, they are prospering. On the bottom arm are lower-wage workers with fewer credentials, old-line businesses…


The President’s failure to suppress the virus’s spread through strong, consistent national policies and Speaker Pelosi’s failure to make a deal with the Treasury Secretary for a new round of stimulus (so far) have now hit the tape in the form of a deceleration in hiring this past month. September’s jobs report came out this…

The opposite of stimulus

Here’s an ETF of European bank stocks versus their US counterparts in the negative interest rate era. Both suck. But one sucks so much more. That’s because in the United States, we never went full ___ and did the negative rates thing. In Europe, they can’t stop themselves from doing it. It’s bizarre, because it…