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You don’t even know what risk is.

I spend my waking hours thinking about risk. Risk in exchange for reward. Risk adjusted returns. Risk management. Business risk. Concentrated position risk. Counter-party risk. Liquidity risk. Sequence of returns risk. Longevity risk. Career risk. And then after thinking about it, I read some more about it. Then I write about it. Then I talk…

My CNBC special

Well, it’s game on. I’ll be hosting this Financial Advice special for CNBC at 7:30pm this coming Monday night

Life is Beautiful

If you’re roughly in my age group and reading this, then it’s likely you’re at home right now, with children, doing your best to be a mom or a dad, as well as a homeschool teacher, while simultaneously trying to manage a business, be a remote employee or figure out your next gig for when…