Jack and Sam visit The Compound

The downloads for this episode as an audio podcast are among the fastest we’ve ever seen, with over 30,000 listens in the first couple of days and counting. This will go over 45,000 by week’s end. The YouTube video is on pace to do a similar number. Combine the two and you’re talking about one of the biggest audiences in finance for a podcast episode. We do this every week. The platform we’re building to showcase the best and brightest voices in investing is without parallel. You are a part of it, helping us create this thing from out of thin air these past few years.

Here’s the video version in case you haven’t gotten around to it.

Sam brought a ton of data and charts to the conversation and Jack made us think and laugh. We hit number ten on the Apple Podcasts investing charts. In front of us was a Motley Fool episode and a bunch of Dave Ramsey “episodes” which are really just clips chopped out of the same show (yes, he’s cheating to stay on top of the charts). Won’t be long before this is the number one investing podcast in America. If you’ve been paying attention, then you already know I’m not going to stop until we get there. The thumbnail above is a joke (well done, Duncan), we’re not going to trick the algorithm to build the audience. We’re going to continue to do what we’ve always done: Inform, educate, entertain.

In light of the recent breakout we’re experiencing, I wanted to say thanks for watching and listening.

It wasn’t a slam dunk that our brand of financial content would translate from the written word on our blogs and in our books to audio and video. We had to work at it and figure it out. We had to make changes and course corrections along the way. But what has never changed is the message: Less is more, stocks work over time, bonds too, risk is rewarded, not all risks are created equal, no one can predict the future, diversification works over time but not all the time, human behavior transcends everything else, history repeats, cycles are inexorable, fear and greed are permanent never go out of style, costs and taxes matter, the willingness to bear volatility is more profitable than the avoidance of it, having a personal financial plan is more important than perfecting a portfolio, worst-case scenarios rarely come to pass, etc.  

These are the things we know are true. They are the things we’ve been saying, charting, illustrating and proving for over ten years now. Talking them out for a new generation – in a new medium – has been the mission and the mission is being accomplished every day. You guys are all a part of it. The more people we can bring over to our side, the more people get to win at investing and life.

If you like the show, leave us a rating and review wherever you get your podcasts. And tell a few friends about it. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel for alerts about new episodes or when we’re going live.

Thanks guys.

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