with Peace and Love…

I love my fans and readers so much, so this is a difficult but necessary post to write – I am asking you, with peace and love, please do not attempt to visit our firm’s New York City headquarters for any reason. I know and appreciate that people want to stop by and say nice things or even bring gifts, but building security is not going to let anyone up who does not have an appointment to meet with a specific employee. The building does not allow people to enter without being on the security list, as is the case in almost all office buildings in Manhattan.

I would also point out that our office is currently closed to all non-essential personnel. Our policy is that when the New York City positive test rate rises above 4% we immediately dismiss all employees save for a very small crew handling trading responsibilities. There is no one there to receive visitors or dropped off gifts and we’re just not able to accommodate it.

So again, with peace and love PEACE AND LOVE – I am asking you to not drop by the office for any reason at any time. We have to safeguard the well being and security of our staff. Especially during times of rapid viral spread in the area.

Thank you so much for understanding and taking this post in the spirit with which it’s intended. Peace and love, peace and love.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.