Bitcoin is Back! CEO of the Year! What are your thoughts?

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On an all-new What Are Your Thoughts – Michael Batnick and Downtown Josh Brown take on the hottest topics of the week.

This episode:

* Bitcoin is up 250% this year, are we forced to treat investor questions about it more seriously now?

* Which would be worse for the stock market, a wealth tax or a transaction tax, a la Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders?

* Gold has just broken out of a technical downtrend and is now trading at the highest levels in almost six years, is the rally for real?

* Should retail investors have access to hedge funds, even if they aren’t accredited?

* Is it realistic for stockpickers to say they only focus on buying good businesses considering how much macroeconomic trends will impact them?

* Is the student debt issue actually reaching a boiling point where the politicians actually present a workable solution, or is this just an empty campaign promise?

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