Three unmissable reads I wanted to highlight – above and beyond my typical morning links…

Ben Carlson’s new one for Bloomberg View is about preparation: “Adjust your expectations for market turmoil before it occurs, not during or after the fact.” Here are some ideas about how to do that: 

Prepare Now for the End of the Bull Market (Bloomberg View)

Michael Batnick has this thing up about the new all-time high in the S&P 500 that was 1375 trading days in the making. It brought out a lot of top callers back in 2013. Four years and another 148 new record high closes later and they still haven’t stopped.

All-Time High (The Irrelevant Investor)

“Tell someone that everything will be great and they’re likely to either shrug you off or offer a skeptical eye. Tell someone they’re in danger and you have their undivided attention.” Reading Morgan Housel is like eating your vegetables, except the vegetables turn out to be both delicious and good for you. This is great:

The Seduction of Pessimism (CollabFund) 

 So good, whole crew spittin hot fiyah.

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