Affluent investors are not reacting pre-election

Charles Schwab survey of investor households with $250k in investable assets and up taken at the end of October:

·         While investors are split in party affiliation (28% Democrat, 31% Republican, 33% Independent, 8% Other/prefer not to say), nearly half (46%) plan to vote for Clinton

·         Investors think Trump will have a more negative impact on the US economy and the global economy than Clinton

·         Most investors (77%) don’t plan to make changes to their portfolio ahead of the election

·         Most investors (85%) are confident in their portfolios’ ability to withstand any market volatility after the election

That’s about what I would have guessed. Yes, the Vix is elevated and markets have been slow-bleeding but it’s simply not generating any real panic. Yet.

Here’s how these investors see a Trump or Clinton win’s impact on their portfolio:



Investor Insights: PreElection Survey Findings
Charles Schwab – November, 2016

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