Announcing the Evidence-Based Investing Conference!

For the investing business, the Age of Enlightenment is now upon us.

Evidence-based investing is no longer the future, it is now the present. Every major asset management firm, old and new, large and small, is grappling with this reality and working to find their place in it. Every financial advisor with an eye toward longevity and growth is adapting to the power of this message.

It took me 15 years to arrive at the conclusions and undeniable truths about investing that are now beginning to dominate the landscape. It took the insights and research of generations of thinkers and doers – people like Eugene Fama and Burton Malkiel, Jack Bogle and Jeremy Siegel, David Booth and Bill Sharpe, William Bernstein and Cliff Asness.

I’m proud to be working every day at the vanguard of this movement toward rational, logical, enlightened investment management. And I’m not alone. Every day, I get to share with and learn from people like Ben Carlson, Morgan Housel, James and Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Mebane Faber, Michael Batnick, Jon Stein and Dan Egan, Adam Nash and Andy Rachleff, Jeremy Schwartz, Barry Ritholtz, Jason Zweig, Samuel Lee, Carl Richards and Larry Swedroe, Wesley Gray, Tom Brakke, Bob Seawright, Rick Ferri, the list goes on and on.

The era of forecasts, predictions, price targets and stock tips ended during the current decade. And in its place, something better, smarter and more robust has been born. EBI is a financial mega-trend, sweeping through the industry and effecting powerful change on the way we allocate assets, choose managers, define goals and track performance.

The investor class, en masse, has been moving toward products and strategies that are time-tested, proven and durable enough to allow for an unknowable future. You can see it in the fund launches and closures, in the inflows and outflows, in the rise of a new kind of market commentary that brings data to the discussion where before there was nothing but conjecture.

And now, for the first time ever, we – all of us – have an event dedicated solely to the new regime. I’m ecstatic to welcome you to the inaugural Evidence-Based Investing Conference, to be held on November 15th, 2016 in New York City.

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Consider this as your official Save the Date! You can click here for more details and to register your spot.

As we fill out the program and announce speakers and panelists, I will keep you updated. The conference is being powered by IMN, a global conference organization, along with the team at Ritholtz Wealth Management.

This is the big one. I have never been more excited about an event in my career. Stay tuned!

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