Financial things you can safely ignore

Ben Carlson on “strategic apathy” – or being oblivious about certain topics for the sake of your sanity…

Here are some good examples of things you probably shouldn’t care about in your financial life:

  • Your relative portfolio performance against a meaningless index or benchmark.
  • How billionaire hedge fund managers are currently positioning their portfolios.
  • How much money your brother-in-law is making.
  • What Twitter traders are telling you about the markets.
  • The next fiscal cliff or government shutdown.
  • How many days in a row the market has risen or fallen lately.
  • Whether or not Herbalife is a Ponzi Scheme or the buy of a lifetime.
  • The brand new car or boat your neighbor just purchased (on credit).
  • That really great penny stock your co-worker told you they just bought because of an email tip they received.
  • How much your retirement portfolio has gone down (or up) in the past quarter.
  • How much money people claim to earn on Fan Duel every week.
  • People who call for a market crash every single year.
  • The couple you read about who lucked out and put their entire life savings into Apple stock a decade ago.


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