Hot Links: Juice Returns!

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Microsoft in talks to acquire the maker of Minecraft and other video games that no one will be playing in three years for $2 billion.  (WSJ)

Jeff Gunbdlach did his latest webcast, Fixed Income Playbook, after the close last night. Myles Udland has the details / slides.  (BusinessInsider)

…and Mary Childs does a great recap:  (Bloomberg)

“The 15 leading strategists at the big bank and brokerage houses now expect the S&P 500 to rise just 1.1% from Tuesday’s close and finish the year at 2010”  (MoneyBeat)

Frank Zorilla on being aware of our surroundings and the current market set-up.  (ZorTrades)

SPIVA: These were the biggest surprises in the active vs passive scorecard so far this year.  (SPIVA)

“Should Mario Draghi spend more time on Twitter?” 0h yeah, totally, that’s usually the answer to most people’s problems.  (MoneyBeat)

Who Determines Interest Rates? The interest rate gnomes, of course, explains Cullen Roche.  (PragCap)

How six top asset management firms are investing now.  (IIMag)

Where is the Indian Alibaba.  (Bloomberg)

Why the ApplePay system will totally crush the online-offline retailing divide.  (Wired)

The Five Biggest Stock Market Myths  (Investopedia)

Ed Yardeni on the recent outperformance of EM stocks.  (DrEdsBlog)

Apple’s suppliers got smoked yesterday on the new product rollout.  (TechTrader)

Are you f***ing serious, Citigroup? “Stop complaining junk-bond yields are too low. Instead, just use borrowed money to juice returns.”  (Bloomberg)

Paul Farrell is off the hook this morning, love this guy: “We’ve already predicted a 100% risk of a 50% crash in 2016, if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. But if Mitch McConnell is re-elected and the GOP wins back the Senate, beware: The next bear market will hit earlier, in 2015.”  (MarketWatch)

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