Hot Links: Setting the Tone

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Morgan Stanley’s chief strategist Adam Parker kicks off the fall with a 3000 target on the S&P 500. Talk about setting the tone…  (BusinessInsider)

Stock market pundits make the case for a fall…ummm…fall in the market.  (WSJ)

Nouriel: Will Draghinomics look anything like Abenomics?  (ProjectSyndicate)

Brian Gilmartin on today’s highly “democratic” S&P 500 – no sector red flags at the moment.  (Fundamentalis)

A Charlie Munger truth bomb: “You have to adapt your strategy to your own nature and your own talents. I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all investment strategy that I can give you.”  (WealthOfCommonSense)

Atlantic City is totes f***ed.  (BusinessInsider)

Why cash is not a strategy. Hint: because it doesn’t pay any fees to (iShares)

Will China’s new market reforms help state-owned enterprise stocks close the gap?  (AllianceBernstein)

Emerging market stocks are breaking out, sorry about your narrative.  (Bespoke)

Here are Goldman Sach’s forecasts for everything.  (BusinessInsider)

Larry Swedroe: In general, private equity returns don’t justify the added risk.  (ETF)

Uptick in M&A business has Wall Street hiring tons of young bankers, that they will lay off during the next economic downturn.  (MoneyBeat)

The latest 411 on the timing of Alibaba’s IPO this month.  (Bloomberg)

Apple has now signed an agreement with both Visa and Amex for its iPhone mobile payments initiative – it’s real and coming September 9th.  (Recode)

Angelo Mozilo: Why won’t you love me?  (Bloomberg)

Eric Cantor is apparently worth $3.4 million to a Wall Street i-bank. I wonder if it has to do with exploiting political connections?  (BusinessInsider)

End the tyranny of 24/7 email – corporations take steps to stop the endless bullshit that kills productivity.  (NYT)

Sleep tight, Tennessee.  (Newser)

Hannah Ferguson is the next Kate Upton.  (GQ)

The new book – Clash of the Financial Pundits – now on sale!