Hot Links: Back in the Hole

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Don’t miss Jeff Miller’s Jackson Hole week preview:  (DashOfInsight)

Andy Thrasher’s technical rundown is a great way to start the week.  (AThrasher)

45 percent of Americans say they’re spending more than they did a year ago.  (Gallup)

Everyone’s talking about Apache’s monster oil field find in Australia, possibly the largest in decades.  (WSJ)

Professor Robert Shiller wonders why CAPE Ratios are so elevated these days.  (Upshot)

Less than a quarter of Americans get the most important investment question right.  (Vox)

Hinds Howard wrote the only post you need on the Kinder Morgan Voltron form-up.  (MLPGuy)

Joe Fahmy’s crazy economic prediction involves a troupe of half-naked dwarves and a jar of mayonnaise…  (JoeFahmy)

Hedge fund strategies in a 401(k)? Sure, why not – load the boat!  (MoneyBeat)

A look at 15-year performance for the largest mutual funds of 1999 – hold your guesses.  (WallStreetRanter)

Congrats to my pal Brendan Conway – one of the best Barron’s columnists is moving over to the buyside. Here are 8 lessons he learned covering ETFs for the investment paper of record.  (Barrons)

I wrote some dope sh*t this weekend:

Soros has animal instinct, you may not  (TRB)

A 30 Second Course on Asset Allocation  (TRB)

“Millennials Don’t Care About Money”  (TRB)

Jessica Alba looking crazy-hot in Manhattan right now…  (DailyMail)

The new book – Clash of the Financial Pundits – now on sale!