Hot Links: Bad Reasons

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Europe is a shitshow, with zero-percent GDP growth and the German Bund hitting a 1 percent yield. (BusinessInsider) and (MarketWatch)

However, Putin is out there making conciliatory statements about ending the bloodshed in Ukraine.  (Reuters)

Wal-Mart follows the rest of the retailers, slashes its full-year outlook.  (WSJ)

Why Ed Yardeni likes what he sees in S&P 500 revenues.  (DrEdsBlog)

MLP investors needn’t fear the Kinder deal’s effect on the sector.  (ETF)

The Putrid Portfolio – what the worst stocks have in common.  (PatrickOShaughnessy)

Pandora couldn’t give half a f*** about the threat from Apple.  (Quartz)

Tell me this Bahamas billionaire fight wouldn’t make a great movie.  (DealBook)

Four bad reasons to sell a fund.  (Morningstar)

LOL, Los Angeles city government drowning in Wall Street fees.  (IBT)

Investors need to avoid FOMO at all costs, even if it feels uncomfortable.  (BlackRockBlog)

“The dynamics that produced the rise of active investing to prominence also carried the seeds of its inevitable peaking, to be followed by an increasingly recognizable decline — first in the benefits accruing to clients and then in benefits to practitioners.”  (ResearchPuzzle)

17 Facts About Warren Buffett And His Wealth That Will Blow Your Mind  (BusinessInsider)

Congrats to former LPL chief strategist (and TRB homeboy) Jeff Kleintop on his new gig at Schwab!  (InvestmentNews)

Carmen Electra still smokin’ hot at the Expendables 3 premiere.  (DailyMail)

The new book – Clash of the Financial Pundits – now on sale!