Hot Links: Virtuous Cycle

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The virtuous cycle has begun – job openings are everywhere and worker shortages are prompting a shift in power toward the labor force.  (Bloomberg)

Amazing story – Richard Kinder (Kinder Morgan) is abandoning the MLP structure, which he basically created decades ago.  (WSJ) and (DealBook)

John Hussman: the exact behavior that caused the housing bubble is happening again. Investors are using cheap money to buy anything with yield, regardless of risk. (BusinessInsider)

How will the new money market reforms affect your investment accounts? BlackRock explains:  (ETFTrends)

Barron’s pans Zillow in their cover story this weekend, says its market cap – combined with Trulia’s – is 100% of the entire ad budgets of the real estate industry.  (Barrons)

Larry Swedroe dismantles the Inflationistas.  (ETFTrends)

There is no Holy Grail factor that will identify the market’s biggest winners each year. Better to give up searching for it now.  (MillennialInvest)

PIMCO’s Joseph Deane on the latest trends in the red-hot muni market.  (PIMCO)

You won’t believe which countries comprise a new alliance backing Israel in their fight with Hamas…  (Bloomberg)

The Arab World’s civil war is a crisis that’s a century in the making. Stand back.  (NYT)

I used to despise Paul Farrell’s columns at MarketWatch – until it was explained to me that it’s meant as comedy. Now I think he’s a f*cking genius.  (MarketWatch)

ICYMI: I posted the first chapter excerpt from Clash this weekend, this one on Calamity Joe Granville: (TRB)

The new book – Clash of the Financial Pundits – now on sale!


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