Hot Links: Momentum Myths

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

ECB acts: The era of negative interest rates has begun.  (BusinessInsider)

David Rosenberg: Here’s why there’s zero chance of a recession.  (BusinessInsider) and (PragCap)

What can the Misery Index tell us about the stock market?  (DrEdsBlog)

Chess: If bond yields are to break higher, right about now would be a good time.  (iBankCoin)

Why the Indian stock market looks so promising over the next five years.  (BusinessStandard)

Amazon’s smartphone is going to be a serious competitor. God I hope they name it the BuyPhone.  (Bloomberg)

McDonald’s CEO caving on minimum wage hike from $7 to $10 an hour. Which is nice considering he made $9.5 million last year just for showing up.  (HuffPo)

The Con Artist Wing of the Democratic Party – Matthew Stoller cuts Tim Geithner’s head off with an ax.  (Vice)

Dart-throwing monkeys still defeat the financially literate at stock picking.  (Economist)

Bill Gross: I don’t own a cellphone.  (PIMCO)

Breakdown of Dividend, Buyback, and Shareholder Yield for the S&P 500  (MebFaber)

Debunking the myths of momentum, one by one.  (OptimalMomentum)

Seven new ETFs from BlackRock and State Street. Thank god, we were running low…  (ETFdb)

Pimco loses another bond manager to the highly lucrative food truck game.  (Bloomberg)

The Secret Service is looking for software that can detect sarcasm on Twitter. Probably so it doesn’t have to arrest everyone as potential threats.  (BBC)

How jealous are you of Lego’s business cards?  (Quartz)

Mezzanine debt tranches: in pro rata market segments, never cover them. The Random Financial Advice Generator is my favorite thing on the internet today.  (PhraseGenerator)

The new book – Clash of the Financial Pundits – now available for pre-order!