Hot Links: Know Your Paycheck

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning… 

Will the ECB cut rates this summer? Chatter says it happens in June.  (Bloomberg)

Stop everything: the new Howard Marks memo is out, it’s about daring to be a great investor.  (Oaktree)

Bill Gross cover story: “At least my wife still loves me.”  (BusinessWeek)

Biotechs: Anyone who wanted to sell probably already has.  (StockCharts)

Here’s Apple’s product roadmap for the remainder of 2014 (we think):  (BusinessInsider)

Jamie Dimon: I’m totes not scared of the Fed exiting QE and the 10-year should double to 5% before the economy has any trouble.  (Fortune)

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is wildly bullish on solar (just like me!). It’s not common to see him this optimistic…  (Telegraph)

Seema Mody explains why the elections in India will have real ramifications for its stock market.  (CNBC)

A quant lesson from a technician.  (HumbleStudent)

The 31-year old hedge fund trader who made $119 million last year.  (WSJ)

Dividend investors: Know when your paycheck comes in.  (Indexology)

Felix Salmon: The SEC colluded with Goldman, Citi et al on CDO settlements. There was an unspoken agreement to ding them for one each.  (Reuters)

Barry: “I can’t emphasize enough the problems that investors succumb to due to the human love of narrative”  (BloombergView)

Brian Lund on why financial professionals need to start thinking like brands.  (bclund)

Family structure, inequality and “absolute upward mobility). (HouseofDebt)

How could Hart Island not be the most haunted place on earth?  (Yahoo)

Note to corporate board members: Try to fall asleep in meetings when there’s an activist hedge fund involved.  (ValueWalk)

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