Hot Links: Last of the Gentleman Traders

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Cliff Asness on HFT:  “For the first time in history, Main Street might have it rigged against Wall Street.”  (WSJ)

Morgan Stanley: Companies are (finally) beginning to plan higher CapEx.  (BusinessInsider)

Great charts: Equities vs Property in the US and three other major markets.  (MoneyBeat)

Hugely bullish for China – US investors pull $42 million from China-focused ETFs.  (Bloomberg)

Japan’s massive pension funds are 15% underweight the Nikkei relative to their western counterparts – here’s why their buying could be huge.  (MoneyBeat)

Apple sitting on 30 times more cash than in 2004. LOL  (ValueWalk)

Great story – meet Billy Salomon, who began trading on the NYSE 80 years ago.  (Bloomberg)

Apparently I’m a huge deal in Ireland. My mom is psyched about this.  (IrishTimes)

So Jordan Belfort’s just hanging out at his beach house, and all of a sudden a creditor tracks him down…  (TMZ)

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Game of Thrones map ahead of Sunday’s season premier (Nerds Only)  (Underwire)

Long Island kid gets accepted to all eight Ivy League schools. Brilliant, but in four years he’ll be in Silicon Valley figuring out ways to trick you into clicking banner ads.  (Uproxx)

You’re gonna love this pint-sized fake hedge fund manager, I guarantee it.  (NYP)

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