Hot Links: Generous to Gamblers

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Normally brilliant Paul Tudor Jones makes some amazingly stupid remarks in front of a audience. He should know better that there are no private gatherings anymore.  (WaPo)

Morgan Stanley: Here’s how Japanese authorities will react if that disobedient stock market goes down again.  (BusinessInsider)

Kevin Ferry: “Macro Tourists travel in packs.”  (ContrarianCorner)

America’s foremost Vix authority, Adam Warner, on the Return of Vol.  (Shaeffers)

Yes, Europe’s been quiet, but it still sucks over there don’t forget.  (RiskReversal)

The Stock Market Has Been Very Generous to Gamblers  (PriceActionLab)

The Brooklyn Bridge turns 130 today! Happy birthday to a legendary feat of human ingenuity.  (LIFE)

The New York tabloids have absolutely outdone themselves this morning, I’m so proud.  (Instagram)

New “World’s Tallest Building”? Wait til you see this motherf***er China’s about to build.  (FloatingPath)

ICYMI: My notes from Mohamed El-Erian’s strategy session in New York City yesterday. Great stuff in there.  (TRB)

Amanda Bynes freaked out last night and got arrested. Lindsay Lohan sent a thank you card.  (NYP)

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