Hot Links: Completely Uplifting

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Goldman: Four reasons growth is about to pick up.  (BusinessInsider)

“Close to a tenth of all hedge funds tracked by HFR succumbed to the inevitable last year as 904 hedge funds liquidated.”  (FTAlphaville)

Nightclubs with Rhinestone-studded toilets are a classic leading indicator for Hong Kong equities.  (MoneyBeat)

Jeremy Grantham explains how the Fed is actually holding the economy back.  (Fortune)

Felix Salmon: Trish Regan and media ought to be on Seeking Alpha’s side, not David Einhorn’s – the future of financial news organizations depends on it.  (Reuters)

Einhorn identified the anonymous blogger and has chosen to drop his lawsuit. It’s gotta be someone real close to him, right?  (MoneyBeat)

Twitter’s big problem is getting new users to stick around and engage.  (WSJ)

And now for something completely uplifting: How is the world getting better?  (Vox)

Ford is putting a Mustang on top of the Empire State Building for its 50th anniversary? How is it getting one up there?  (USAToday)

“One of the most essential aspects to wisdom is knowing the limits of ones own knowledge.”  (FarnamStreet)

You’ll never guess whom Business Insider just hired as its new national politics columnist (whom? who? I don’t know.)  (BusinessInsider)

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