Hot Links: Reflex Rally

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Greece just posted its first current account surplus in history. Thanks, Austerity!  (BusinessInsider)

Gold’s false double breakdown beclowned many technicians.  (PriceActionLab)

Hussman: Last week’s low-volume reflex rally was bullshit.  (AdvisorPerspectives)

RBS: No, China is not really at risk of a debt crisis.  (WSJ)

That’s all well and good, but globally PMs are most worried about China above all else.  (MoneyBeat)

There is a great divide between how hedge funds and “real money” investors are looking at emerging markets.  (ValueWalk)

David Einhorn wants the anonymous Seeking Alpha blogger who front-ran his Micron trade to be unmasked.  (DealBook)

Speaking of Einhorn, here’s a look at Greenlight’s current positioning in equities, currencies.  (ValueWalk)

Here’s how asset managers around the world are currently positioned.  (FatPitch)

10 high conviction purchases by Morningstar’s “Ultimate Stock-Pickers”  (Morningstar)

David Merkel: “There is virtue to having some “sand in the gears,” i.e., things that hold us back from making too many adjustments to investments.”  (AlephBlog)

The gang at Darwin Investment Strategies tackles Meb Faber’s famous tactical asset allocation white paper.  (Gestaltu)

Fascinating, Goldman trader turned neuroscientist explains how physiological responses in our bodies exacerbate crises in the market.  (Telegraph)

Kiev looks like the set of a post-apocalyptic Hollywood film right now…  (NYT)

Crazy-ass pics from the raid of a Mexican drug lord’s palace.  (Imgur)

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