Hot Links: Guns Drawn

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

JPMorgan beats The Street, with all kinds of charges and adjustments for racketeering, loitering, solicitation etc.  (DealBook)

Euro Zone industrial production for November is a blow out, capital goods and durable goods both put up big increases.  (Reuters)

Steepest drop for the Nikkei stocks in five months on falling dollar.  (WSJ)

The Fed will be watching this morning’s Retail Sales number and so should you.  (BusinessInsider)

There is no equity bubble, you guys.  (RichardBernsteinAdvisors)

Hedge funds focused on China were up an average of 17% last year, how are they getting their exposure?  (WSJ)

“Constantly making and changing forecasts about the longer-term state of the market based on short-term moves is a bad sign. No technical analyst knows if companies will continue their massive share buyback programs or whether the FED will play another trick.”  (PriceActionLab)

Meet Joe Tsai, the man who holds the key to Alibaba’s coming massive IPO.  (DealBook)

What the buyouts of Nest and Jim Beam yesterday can tell us about how corporations are thinking these days.  (FelixSalmon)

Dr Dre enters the streaming music business, guns drawn hopefully.  (Bloomberg)

Your problem isn’t a lack of PR, it’s that your product or service simply isn’t done yet.  (SethsBlog)

The New York Times’s insane takeaway from a movie theater murder.   (TheWire)

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