Hot Links: Okay Tough Guy

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Twitter shares have tripled since the IPO has deep value investors take positions ahead of estimated 2023 EBITDA’s numbers.  (WSJ)

Morningstar: Our Outlook for the Stock Market.  (Morningstar)

MasterCard says this Christmas shopping season it was all about jewelry.  (Quartz)

Brett Arends: “This time a year ago, the analysts who covered Netflix Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. were ready to spit. They hated them. So Netflix quadrupled. And Hewlett-Packard doubled.”  (MarketWatch)

Okay tough guy, here’s your contrarian shopping list for 2014.  (Bloomberg)

David Merkel is getting cautious here with his portfolios.  (AlephBlog)

Active management in the 1920’s: “poor on average; appearing skilful most probably through sheer luck.”  (Indexology)

WTF is going on in Turkey right now?  (BusinessInsider) and (Bloomberg)

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