Hot Links: Worst of Both Worlds

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Investing advice for the average investor from one of history’s most above-average investors – here’s what Ray Dalio thinks you should do:  (TheTell)

Everybody’s re-doing their ladders to get shorter:  “Investors yanked $61.8 billion from intermediate-maturity debt funds in the first nine months of the year, while pouring $46.2 billion into bonds maturing in less than three years”  (Bloomberg)

The S&P 500 has now spent a full year above its 200-day moving average. Hope you didn’t spend all this time trying to short it. (CrossingWallStreet)

“buying IPO shares on the open market when they start trading – represents the worst of both worlds, simultaneously paying the maximum price for the shares, and investing in a company that doesn’t even get the full benefit of its own IPO value.”  (NerdsEyeView)

Barry: The recovery’s great if you were rich already.  (Bloomberg)

Is Netflix’s new user interface really the future of TV?  (Wired)

Is stock market efficiency actually hurting the economy?  (Fortune)

When I hear “Hedge Fund Trading Coach”, why do I think of Will Ferrell and Andy Dick doing an MTV Awards skit?  (DealBook)

Will institutions ever starve the hedge fund beast?  (FT)

This is like an Onion article – economists just now realize that the poor behave differently than the rich in the real world.  (BusinessWeek)

Dougie’s 10 Laws of Stock Market Bubbles is a great read.  (TheStreet)

Cullen Roche: To detect bubbles, focus on fundamentals relative to people’s behavior.  (PragCap)

Steve Ballmer has earned a cool $1.7 billion since firing himself. I may try this…  (Quartz)

How’s this for a social experiment – Switzerland is going to start paying every citizen a salary just for being alive.  (NYT)

Evoking online trust.  (SethsBlog)

These are the five best steakhouses in New York City. Let the riots commence as we all fight over this list – to the death.  (NYP)