Hot Links: So over it.

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

So whatever happened to that frenzy of deals we were expecting?  (DealBook)

Investors are so over gold.  (WSJ)

Great run of charts: Breadth by market cap.  (DynamicHedge)

Dougie: Why Twitter is worth $32.50 a share and may double from its IPO.  (MoneyBeat)

Billionaire Tweetfight between Carl Icahn and Bill Gross. Kill us now.  (Bloomberg)

Lowlights from a pathetic earnings season.  (PragCap)

How about a dating site for hedge funds and the accredited investors who love them?  (HedgeWeek)

7 Market Lessons I Relearned in 2013.  (Ivanhoff)

10 ways to up the noise and reduce the signal. Wait, what?  (TBP)

Dana Anspach: 10 ways to wipe out your retirement savings.  (MarketWatch)

There’s a Google Smartwatch coming. Will it be self-winding?  (WSJ)

The hottest new popstar on earth is from New Zealand and is 16 years old. And is way cooler than Katy or Miley.  (RollingStone)

I think we can all agree to hate the Red Sox but love the Red Sox Girls.  (TheBrigade)

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