Hot Links: So Over

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Wow, Jamie Dimon is relinquishing the chairman title (of one business unit).  (Bloomberg)

The gang at WSJ did a great job pulling the most important facts from the just-filed Twitter S-1 last night.  (MoneyBeat)

This mystery dude is about to score when Twitter comes public.  (Reuters)

Matthew Klein: The Yale Endowment Model is so over.  (Bloomberg)

Susan Bennett outs herself as the voice of Siri.  (GigaOM)

Boehner is promising no default on US debt no matter what. If it even gets close he says he’ll just start “straight-up executing motherf***ers.”  (NYT)

In praise of momentum long-only rather than long/short.  (OptimalMomentum)

The average computer-driven quant strategy is down 3.5% this year. Suck it, robot.  (Quartz)

8 awesome blog posts about the wisdom of Ray Dalio (yes, I’m linking to a linkfest within my own linkfest. Show me in the rulebook where it says I can’t, chooch.  (StockTwits)

Wanna be a leader? Learn to make strategic decisions.  (HBR)

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