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Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The continuing resolution and debt ceiling battles have now collided, it’s officially all one gigantic f***ing mess. Congrats! (Politico)

These are the nine most painful aspects of the government shutdown.  (Wonkblog)

Ten million-plus Americans slam the Obamacare websites on launch day. I wonder if this means there was a need…  (NYT)

Joe Terranova’s ultimate October econ calendar is worth a glance.  (Virtus)

WisdomTree launches an ETF to capture the upside of emerging market consumers.  (ETFTrends)

A private investor whom I respect very much has turned bearish on this market, for reasons he cannot fully articulate just yet.  (TheFeldReport)

If Italy’s such a political basket case, why aren’t its stocks acting poorly? (what separates an investor from a news anchor is your ability to answer this question without even looking)  (MoneyBeat) and (BusinessInsider)

Even the mighty Gundlach is not immune from bond fund redemptions.  (Bloomberg)

It’s not just Ballmer that Microsoft shareholders have had enough of, now the three largest investors are calling for Bill Gates to step down.  (Reuters)

Don’t worry about the skeptics, focus on the people who already believe in what you’re doing.  (SethsBlog)

“I’m a hedge fund analyst, ask me anything” – great Q&A for those looking to break into the game.  (WallStreetOasis)

The Fly in praise of Jim Cramer.  (iBankCoin)

15 ways to rock fall’s hottest styles for men.  (GQ)

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Or…enter the Big Picture contest by answering one question, possibly win a free ticket!  (BusinessInsider)

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