Hot Links: Ghost Cities Revisited

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Global Equity Funds Record Biggest Inflows Since at Least 2005  (Bloomberg)

Tactical funds are getting trampled by the old school 60-40 portfolios they were supposedly superior to.  (WSJ)

The pace of global growth increased during the second quarter of 2013—only the third quarterly acceleration in three years.  (TheEconomist)

The 40 Under 40 profile of Jack Dorsey (Twitter).  (Fortune)

Neuroscience may help explain financial bubbles  (Salon)

“Icahn’s net worth soared nearly 40% to $20.3 billion, making him the richest alternative investments honcho in America”  (FINalternatives)

Once upon a time, the US Postal Service was telling government that email was not a threat.  (FedTech)

Australian reporter who “discovered” China’s ghost cities two years ago returns to the scene.  (BusinessInsider)

“One of the largest turning points of my career was firing the client who accounted for a third of my company’s work.”  (SethsBlog)

Financial bloggers, advisers seek to upend wealth management biz with new firm  (SNLFinancial)

The five most ridiculous weapons projects from the Pentagon.  (TheWeek)

The Victoria’s Secret girls arrive at the Louvre for a photo shoot, rendering most of what’s displayed there invisible.  (Egotastic)

The Big Picture Conference is almost here and it’s going to be great. Have your ticket yet?  (Eventbrite)