Hot Links: Making Babies

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Here’s your ultimate preview for this morning’s jobs report, due out at 8:30 ET.  (BusinessInsider)

Three reasons today’s August NFP jobs number could be a monster!  (BusinessInsider)

Most bullish news of the week: We making babies again.  (NYT)

Sell Everything: Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman says the chances of a financial crisis happening again are “next to zero”  (Bloomberg)

Five things you need to know about the $5.3 trillion currency market.  (MoneyBeat)

Don’t tell anyone, but Euro Zone banks are already paying back crisis loans to the ECB.  (Reuters)

India’s economy is such a shitshow…  (NYT)

How the equity markets should be looking at rising bond yields.  (MoneyBeat)

Chess has two new hot tech stocks you should be aware of.  (iBankCoin)

Why David Merkel is skeptical on alternative investments.  (AlephBlog)

Matt Taibbi on the Thomson Reuters early data release biz (aka Frontrunning as a Service or (FaaS).  (RollingStone)

The asset management world belongs to JPM’s Mary Erdoes, we’re all just living in it.  (Bloomberg)

Why Ballmer is the world’s smoothest closer.  (VanityFair)

The Economist explains why The Economist’s writers are all anonymous.  (TheEconomist)

These are great – 20 passive-aggressive notes from parents to kids.  (Buzzfeed)

Bill Hader on leaving SNL after eight amazing seasons.  (DailyBeast)

Waste some time with this over the weekend: The 25 most memorable moments in television history.  (Flavorwire)

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