Hot Links: Respect the Game

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Why economists are psyched about the European economic rebound – just not super-psyched.  (MoneyBeat)

When Greenspan moved on rates, it was all his show, no need for input or consensus.  (WSJ)

Just how big could Apple’s opportunity with China Mobile be? (hint: size-ola)  (AllThingsD) and (GigaOM)

There’s no longer any such thing as the “typical American household”.  (MarketingCharts)

Krugman: The economy is about to stall out because of Larry Summers and the return of conventional policy expectations.  (NYT)

Global X is talking about a combination emerging markets / frontier markets ETF product…  (ETFTrends)

With all these coming smart watches, has anyone stopped to asked the American consumer if they actually want one?  (USAToday)

So the NAACP had a sitdown with the KKK this weekend…I hear it went well, a Bollywood-style dance number broke out at the end with colorful costumes and boisterous choreography. Just kidding, death threats.  (TheAtlantic)

Goddamn playa haters at the NYC Department of Buildings are not respecting Nouriel’s game right now.  (Curbed)

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