Hot Links: Preparing for a Storm

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The New York Times Editorial Board weighs in on the Fed Chairman race.  (NYT)

Scott Sumner (Modern Monetary Theorist) crushes Peter Schiff (Austrian Economist, Amazing Investor) on Kudlow last night.  (BusinessInsider) and (TheMoneyIllusion)

Hopefully the Fed is closely monitoring Chipotle’s avocado costs…   (Bloomberg)

Ed Yardeni: “Once again, I can report that S&P 500 forward earnings rose to yet another record high of $118.26 per share last week.”  (DrEdsBlog)

Todd Sullivan: Nine charts that show the US economy is still strong.  (ValueWalk)

The Australian central bank is preparing for a storm. Money is being stuffed into every available kangaroo pouch on the continent for safekeeping while large banks are being croc-proofed.  (MoneyBeat)

The commodities sell-off shows no sign of abating.  (TheArmoTrader)

U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission accuses JPMorgan of manipulating electricity prices in California and the Midwest. That ought to be good for at least another $50 billion in market cap added on. Bravo.  (Bloomberg)

How to pick an emerging market ETF.  (ETFdb)

Krugman: How did an inflation hawk sneak into Obama’s inner circle of advisors?  (NYT)

Why there are no fat people in Paris.  (TheAtlantic)

Time Well-Spent: Investing vs Trading  (AbnormalReturns)

This is so awesome – Hemmingway writes a letter to F Scott Fitzgerald describing his vision of heaven.  (BrainPickings)

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