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Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

I got your Great Rotation right here, doubters: Largest weekly equity fund inflow in more than five years, $20 billion versus $1 billion out of bond funds. (BusinessInsider)

Cullen: The Fear Trade Has Been Demolished  (PragCap)

Barry: the landscape is littered with failed political and economic narratives and this is why so much angst still exists.  (TBP)

The earnings beat rate this season is over 70%, but expectations are virtually nil so don’t get too excited.  (MoneyBeat)

Justin Fox: Here’s why US businesses should be rethink fighting the minimum wage hike.  (HBS)

Google’s quarter last night wasn’t so bad after all…here’s why:  (BusinessInsider)

Don’t get so excited about Apple TV just yet.  (BusinessWeek)

The time Bernanke got it wrong.  (NYT)

A postcard from Henry Blodget’s vacation.  (BusinessInsider)

ValueWalk recommends you read the Howard Marks book (I can’t believe you haven’t already!).  (ValueWalk)

Krugman: The signs are now unmistakeable, China is in big trouble.  (NYT)

The 100 best finance blogs.  (InsiderMonkey)

Is Brazil too cheap? Last night I made the long-term case for the world’s most hated stock market.  (TRB)

Don’t miss The Takeaway, my daily linkfest for financial advisors (InvestmentNews)

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