Hot Links: Going Gorillaz

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Earnings season kicks off this week – analyst estimates predict profit growth of just.7%, the smallest YoY gain since Q3 2012.  (MoneyBeat) and (CNNMoney)

Goldman Sachs Reiterates S&P 500 1750 PT; Fed Model Implies More Upside (ValueWalk)

Chess: The Semis taking the torch from the Homebuilders would be the logical manifestation of the bullish rotation theory.  (iBankCoin)

“The main locus of econoderpitude these days involves inflation”  (Krugman)

Rosie actually really liked the jobs report this Friday – ten reasons why:  (BusinessInsider)

Japanese stocks going gorillaz again (Nobody knows what that means. But it’s provocative. It gets the people going).  (MoneyBeat)

“China’s money-market cash squeeze is likely to reduce credit growth this year by $122 billion…equivalent to the size of Vietnam’s economy”  (Bloomberg)

Thomson Reuters is ging to stop it’s paid frontrunning service. Good idea.  (DealBook)

This is the new Pain Trade:  (BusinessInsider)

Tom Brakke’s got a well-worn bond market indicator – and it’s just begun to ring the alarm.  (ResearchPuzzle)

But here are nine reasons why bond prices may be ready to snap back…  (Forbes)

The Wall Street spin machine has Corzine’s back – Bill Cohan  (Bloomberg)

Demographically speaking, USA is still #1.  (BusinessInsider)

…However, women in the US workforce are back down to 1990 levels and 5000 are retiring each day.  (FTData)

Nick Bilton on how driverless cars are going to reshape the cities we live in and change our lives.  (NYT)

Brendan Conway: Here’s why the volatility in bond ETFs this month is so important to understand:  (Barrons)

Eliot Spitzer announces a run for NYC Comptroller – it’s knives out in NYC right now!  (NYP)

Celebs break out the bikinis for July 4th weekend – slideshow:  (NYDN)

The World According to Investors Map  (TRB)

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