Hot Links: Throw in the Towel

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

“If this thing continues in this vein, people are going to throw in the towel and you’re going to get this pain trade. And the markets can’t take it. They’d rather see a gradual rise in short-term rates versus a precipitous rise.”  (Bloomberg)

Welcome to Year Five of Recovery.  (RealTimeEconomics)

As Beijing deliberately slows things down, how much of an economic drag will that be on the rest of earth?  (MoneyBeat)

Millions of Egyptian protesters take to the streets, Muslim Brotherhood headquarters stormed and ransacked.  (Bloomberg)

Larry Ellison paid himself $96 million last year, his two top lieutenants each took home $52 million. Executive comp still soaring.  (NYT)

Ritholtz on counter-trend rallies and the prospects for a gold bounce here.  (TBP)

How a poorly-timed investment in gold as a “storehouse of wealth” can f*** you for life.  (JoeTaxpayer)

Sarge: “The sudden darling this morning is Europe, particularly the most troubled nations in Europe.”  (MacroRecon)

Cool news: Google’s doing a watch AND a new gaming console.  (FloatingPath)

The gold-denominated version of David Eimhorn’s Greenlight Capital hedge fund is a debacle.  (Reuters)

Whoa – did Citibank just freeze cash transfers at its Chinese branches? Gordon Chang says yes.  (Forbes)

Shinzo Abe: Okay you guys – here’s what I’m trying to do for the Japanese economy.  (LinkedIn)

Central and Eastern Europe beginning to emerge amid continent-wide gloom. (Reuters)

Steve Cohen, would you like to testify? “No, thanks.”  (DealBook)

Why Rick Rubin is the most awesome behind-the-scenes guy in the music business and has been for thirty years.  (DailyBeast)

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