Hot Links: What Fresh Lunacy is This?

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The Fed’s minions are popping up all over the place to explain how stimulus will continue post-taper. It hasn’t been working.  (Bloomberg)

Exit from the bond market is turning into a stampede.  (NYT)

How Chinese government and banking officials are wreaking havoc on global markets the way the Europeans used to.  (RiskReversal)

Ed Yardeni: Gold vs TIPS.  (DrEdsBlog)

Quick, go tell your ancestors – gold was a terrible investment between 1500 and 1965.  (TheAtlantic)

Equity dividend funds get their stress test.  (Morningstar)

Why short-sellers aren’t pouncing all over this anti-rally.  (MoneyBeat)

Tyler Cowen: Okay so it turns out that Bernanke’s purchasing flow might have been more important to rates than me and Krugman thought…   (MarginalRevolution)

Tom Brakke: The trouble with the way we use Sharpe Ratios…  (ResearchPuzzle)

Brian Lund: How to pick up your money in the market today – possible reversals in AAPL and SPY.  (bclund)

30 percent of Americans are unhappy at work. The other 70 percent are unemployed.  (CBS)

Bridgewater is having a tough year in its “All Weather Portfolio” – which is an oxymoron of course, but don’t tell anyone.  (Reuters)

300 years of financial crises.  (LibertyStreetEconomics)

The science behind why we think better after exercise.  (ScientificAmerican)

Another paid penny stock-tout on the Fox “Business” Network. Fuckin’ disgrace.  (MediaMatters)

Emma Stone is so hot and everyone loves her.  (Buzzfeed)

New Oliver Reed biography (you knew him as Proximo from Gladiator) reveals what many have long suspected – he was the biggest badass of all time.  (Spectator)

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