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Four Charts to Track Timing for QE3 Tapering (CalculatedRisk)

Markets are now pricing in a new era of “Monetary Austerity”  (MacroMan)

The market takes your trendline charts and wipes its waste on them.  (PriceActionLab)

Look how the FOMC’s statement blew shotgun holes through every market in the world this week.  (NYT)

Tyler Cowen on the Chinese credit crunch we should be paying more attention to.  (MarginalRevolution)

Yesterday’s massive rout caused all kinds of dislocations and gaping discounts in the ETF market.  (FT)

John Hempton: How to manage financial product salesmen.  (BronteCapital)


Summer reading list as recommended by your favorite finance bloggers.  (AbnormalReturns)

Watch this video and tell me why Elon Musk isn’t the new Steve Jobs and how every American isn’t going to want a Tesla?  (BusinessInsider)

Jonathan Weil: Who should we believe in the BofA foreclosure outrage? The Bank or its employees?  (Bloomberg)

The beatings in gold miner stocks are seemingly never-ending, there’s almost a sexual component to it at this point.  (MoneyBeat)

Marijuana crops are killing off other vegetation and wildlife in California. That’s why they call it the Chronic.  (NYT)

Qucik summary of the Aaron Hernandez (New Engand Patriots) murder case so far.  (Buzzfeed)

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