Hot Links: Reaching for Theories

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Enis Taner: “Most of the headlines explaining the back and forth moves are superfluous.  In fact, the prices are moving so fast that the journalists have to change the article from the morning to the afternoon.”  (RiskReversal)

Morgan Stanley explains the tidal wave of capital rushing back toward developed markets.  (BusinessInsider)

Greggy: The nightmare for Chinese stocks has only just begun.  (DragonflyCapital)

Supreme Court votes 9-0 against the patenting of human genes.  (NYT)

Here’s why Wall Street seems to be pleased with this ruling against patenting genes.  (Wired)

Seth: How to know when your business needs repair.  (SethsBlog)

Abenomics update: How’s it going so far?  (TIME)

Noah Smith: it’s time to talk about one of my pet reeves…er, peeves – the use of the term “neoclassical economists”.  (Noahpinion)

When Bernanke Confounds, Wall Street Reaches for Theories (NYT)

“The only journalism that matters is the kind that moves markets” – guy who runs Bloomberg News.  (NYT)

They found a 94 year old former top Nazi commander living in Minnesota. I say enduring that accent for the last fifty years is punishment enough.  (NYP)

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