Hot Links: Everyone ♥’s the Dollar Now

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…


Futures are ripping higher this morning from Japan to Europe.  (BusinessInsider)

Hilsenrath: The Fed’s real challenge now is managing expectations.  (WSJ)

Everyone wants to be long the dollar now.  (MoneyBeat)

Goldman Sachs visits with Tesla Motors…here are their key takeaways.  (ValueWalk)

Barry Ritholtz on the problem with hedge funds.  (WaPo)

Here’s a rare example of financial innovation benefiting all investors, large and small.  (AbnormalReturns)

There’s a whole mess of economic data due this week.  (RealTimeEconomics)

With correlations dropping, are long/short strategies due for a comeback?  (AdvisorOne)

Sony is basically an insurance company that spits out a Walkman every once in awhile.  (NYT)

William Cohan on the amazing journey of Tumblr’s boy-wonder David Karp – from high school dropout to billion-dollar acquisition.  (Bloomberg)

Fifty-year-old television clip of Warren Buffett explaining market psychology unearthed.  (ValueWalk)

John Crudele on the Cult of JP Jamie.  (NYP)

Ten names being snatched up by the Ultimate Stockpickers.  (Morningstar)

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn – not a Twitter or a Facebook account between them – venture inside Google’s Willy Wonka-esque corporate campus.  (NewYorker)

Holy shit, New Orleans is being overrun by an army of termites from outer space.  (TheChive)

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