Hot Links: Investment Pornography

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

What’s the deal with bonds and stocks rallying at the same time?  (MarketMontage)

… “The short answer is that markets will not reward naive perceptions of inter-market relationships that one learns in school because mass knowledge carries no edge.”  (PriceActionBlog)

Don’t look now but European banks are starting to raise capital here. Or look now, actually, this is a good sign.  (MoneyBeat)

Apple making its fifth attempt to break above the 50-day and out of this downtrend.  (Bespoke)

Speaking of Apple, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek doesn’t see the large-screen iPhone 6 coming til June 2014. That’s like a decade from now in tech time.  (ValueWalk)

Fine, sell in May – but what is the trigger?  (HumbleStudent)

Twitter founder on prospects for an IPO: F*ck that sh*t. (I’m paraphrasing).  (Bloomberg)

Ed Yardeni: “Are they aware that much of inflation’s recent improvement is attributable to health care costs?”  (DrEdsBlog)

Larry Swedroe: Beware books with outrageously bullish or bearish titles, it is “investment pornography.”  (IndexUniverse)

Can Google searches predict the stock market’s moves? (Ritholtz says this is “cherry-picked bullshit”, FYI)  (CNBC)

Pay attention: the ag commodities are running again.  (PeterBrandt) and (ETFTrends)

Chess: Shipping stocks are setting up technically to be the next “hot money” trade.  (iBankCoin)

Three signs y’all yield crack addicts need to chill out.  (IndexUniverse)

Andrew Ross Sorkin on how deal talks leak (hint: it’s not an accident).  (DealBook)

Perhaps we’ve been too harsh about Intel and its tablet prospects, says Deutsche.  (TechTrader)

Two-for-one slideshow: The hottest new chefs in NY and the best suits under 400 bucks.  (GQ)

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