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Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Important chart work from Chess on the broken and breaking indices in Germany, France and England.  (iBankCoin)

Twitter is becoming a primary news source for Wall Street.  (WaPo)

Is this going to be a really slow growth quarter for Apple?  (Bloomberg)

Speaking of Apple – who is behind the “Tim Cook is about to leave” rumors?  (Fortune)

The next time someone tells you that debt, spending and taxes are too high, show ’em these charts from the BEA.  (BusinessInsider)

Tom Brakke: “a framework is not a formula, and you don’t need to kneel at the altar of a model to find something of value in its use.”  (ResearchPuzzle)

Bill Black: Curiously, Europe still believe in austerity = growth.  (GlobalEconomicIntersection)

Dope: Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn’s Tale of Aggression  (ForbesIndia)

Bernanke is blowing off Jackson Hole this year.  (Reuters)

Why Japanese corporations haven’t “bought in” yet to the Kamikaze Printing.  (Bloomberg)

John Hussman is not a fan of this weekend’s pogo-sticking bull cover from Barron’s…  (HussmanFunds)

Cam Hui has a response to Hussman’s dismal outlook for expected returns and how to invest accordingly.  (HumbleStudent)

Professor Shiller: Once upon a time there were other land and property crazes…  (NYT)

Audited track record (2011-2012) for Jim Cramer’s Mad Money stock picks.  (PunditTracker)

Timeless: 14 ways to acquire knowledge.  (BrainPickings)

The Worst “Climbing The Corporate Ladder” Stock Photos (Buzzfeed)

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